Overbought/Oversold Report: USD/CAD In Short Term Heaven

by robbooker on December 8, 2011

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The Bossilator is my preferred method for timing and trading trends. But it also produces delicious counter-trend trades, especially for crazy short-term traders.

Right now, the USD/CAD and EUR/CAD are overbought on the 1-minute chart. And that’s usually good for 5-40 pips (depends on how many pairs of underpants you keep on while trading – the more you wear, the more pips you can get).

Here is the Bossilator Radar Screen right now:

The USD/CAD has a Bossilator reading of 918. That happens only about once per week, at most. In other words, it’s very rare. The EUR/CAD has a reading of 873. It’s like a human having a fever of 105. It’s going to come down. By the way, I am delirious right now with a 101 fever. Imagine what kind of blogging I would do if it got to 105.

Jennifer and I thank you for reading. All the best to you in your trading. See you tomorrow. Delirious Booker out.

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  • Vaquero

    Guess thats why they call it putting shorts–Hope you get felling better

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