Thursday Trading Notes, October 6

by jennifer on October 6, 2011

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Hello Yo’s. Exploring for pips this week? I hope you got a few. Aim high, but not so high you end up with nothing. Taking 5 pips this week is better than none at all. If you already got your target amount, I encourage you to stay out of your live trading account and hold onto it going into the weekend. Get pips, keep the money in your bank account. Do it again.

The GBP/CAD went all the way to second target. It played out the move very nicely.

Next up, USD/CAD:    I missed the second move on the GBP/CAD (hope you got it!), but the USD/CAD may be next. I like the indicators on the 4h and daily charts, but I don’t know what news reaction might be in store. Caution, as usual. Below the the first combo line, I’m interested in selling for 30 pips. There are 200 pips of room in there. If price rises above the first or second red lines, I will see them as entry lines if/when price falls back through them.

Next, ERU/CHF:   This could be a new Combo setup. On the daily chart, RSI is holding at the 70 line. On the 4Hr (below) if MACD changes polarity and prints negative numbers, I’m interested in a sell below the entry line to the first combo line. There are about 90 pips of room in there, and you know I’m looking for 30.

That’s it for this morning.


If you sent me your email address for the early invite list, you will be hearing from me this week. You know how I told you these things take longer than I thought…. Truest words ever! Editors and tech guys, web guys… Who know it required so many hands? (Probably a lot you knew it better than me!) Here is a link for sending your email address if you haven’t already. Can’t wait to get started with you!

Have a wonderful Thursday exploring for pips!





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  • Johnboy_lee

    4hr & combo the best strategy to me. Thanks to you..and wisdom of Rob as well.

  • jennifer

    Johnboy_lee – Thanks! Glad you’re liking the strategy. Happy trading, 4 hours at a time!

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