Bad day, bad idea…

by jennifer on October 5, 2011

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Hello Yo’s.

Just a quick thought of the day to share with you…

Yesterday was a bad day. That’s just to say I had a bad day. It was personal, it was normal stuff (work, kids, money, normal every-day American stress), and I was feeling the pity of all. But I didn’t stop there…

I made darn sure it was going to be a bad trading day! 

I can laugh about it today, and what would have been profits from today’s good trading ending up paying back yesterday’s loss. And that’s good too. Getting back on track is always a good thing.

Have you ever done that? Just a reminder to self, and to my friends too, a bad day doesn’t have to be a bad trading day unless we make it so. What should have been a “personal-leave” day ended up being the day I pulled my stop, and let my loss run to -100 rather than -70. Why? You know … No good reason.

Try to have a great day, and keep your bad days out of your trading. You’ll thank yourself the next day. :)



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  • Meng Fong

    Hey Jennifer,

    Soooo Sorry to hear about the pip loss.

    I am really enjoying your blog even though I trade off shorter timeframes.
    And it might not be funny but I really have to say JINX! to the day that you had.
    Yup, I had the same kinda day last night….wish I had read your post first.
    Mine is here in its full glory

  • Jennifer Thornburg

    Hi Meng, I read your blog and have to commend you for facing your bad day and making notes about it in your trading notebook. Every time you look at your notes about your mistake and face it truthfully, you decrease the chance of repeating it. Good for you! You’re better already. How was the beer-bath?

  • Meng Fong

    Hi Jennifer,

    The beer-bath was delicious and I decided to only have 1 – although the rest of the six-pack was noisily beckoning. Guilty-ly I did douse myself in a White Russian so that gave it an extra twist.

    I really do love the bliss of alcohol on a bad trading day… Happy Weekend.

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