Thursday Morning Notes, Sept 22

by jennifer on September 22, 2011

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Good morning. Wow, the market went boom! I hope your stops and limits were all in place for that little market moving ditty.

As previously posted, I’m on a very strict trading plan for myself, and all extra trading needs to be done in a separate account or demo account. I had the demo handy yesterday for my 30 pip Mesa trade on the USD/CAD, and I thoroughly expect someone here got a great deal more on that. Am I right?

Also, I did take a second pass Combo on the GBP/CAD yesterday. It was a similar setup to the EUR/CAD from the day before. (scroll down through the blog to see the EUR/CAD).  It drew down immediately and almost hit my -70 pip stop, but did not. When it got back to break even I was so grateful that I dumped it before going to bed, and of course, it blasted straight through my second combo line target. Ok then… Nothing wrong with self preservation. I’m profitable for the month and I won’t let it slip away.

Good news!! There are more trades on the way. Greatest thing ever is that there are always more trades coming. I’m watching four pairs, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, and CAD/JPY. They have moved aggressively away from their moving averages, and created some tradeable space. I will do my best to set up and post some trades as they get ready. I’m watching the combo and daily bands templates for indications about timing. More to follow very soon…

That’s it for today. Have a wonderful Thursday.


p.s. For those interested in the Combo course, I’m still working on it. Trading is so much easier than creating logical documents and videos for sharing what I know. I called in a little help in assembling it all together. It will be worth the wait! Thanks for your inquiries about that.

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  • George Haines

    CAD/CHF 4HR combo well on its way ;-)

  • jennifer

    Yes! I look at that pair every day. I will put up my thoughts about it in my next post. Thanks George!

  • Gabor

    Thanks for the tips Jennifer!
    I could not trade the last few days, but will catch up with you guys.
    Good trading!

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