What’s Next For The EURUSD?

by robbooker2 on February 24, 2012

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As you probably already know, I love missed pivots. A pivot that was not hit on the day, week, or month it was created is likely to get hit (sometimes exactly and precisely) in the next trend that develops.

Here is the current EURUSD missed pivot situation, and it helps us think about where we might be going.

I think we’re going to see 1.3578 or 1.2832 in the next two weeks (if it goes up, that’s going to happen faster)

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  • nel

    Hi Rob!

    Do you have an indicator that shows missed pivots or you just draw these manually based on whether they were missed?



  • http://twitter.com/piptopia Rob Booker

    Nel, I do have that indicator. It’s part of the TFL (free trial) lessons that I do here: http://www.tfl365.com – happy trading and thanks for writing

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